An Unsolved Royalton Murder

“IN these uncertain times”, one can find themselves taking to Google a lot for something to do… Given my nature, one of the things I’ve been fruitful in searching for is simply “Waupaca County Cold Cases.” If you have an interest in true crime and the like, but do not have access to television then […]

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Another story about books.

A week or so ago I made a new acquaintance via Instagram. It was @badgerlandlegends, a fellow odd history nut like myself. They had shared an article about The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine and we got to talking. …about books, naturally. Wisconsin Lore was suggested to me, so I promptly put it in my cart […]

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Old Baraboo Inn

The ol’ man and I had just left Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Wisconsin Dells and he was getting hungry. Being that I only survive on antiques and advil, I was not in such a hurry to find him any sustenance. I popped open Chad Lewis’s book entitled “Paranormal Wisconsin Dells and Baraboo” (that […]

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Woodlawn Cemetery

I discovered this ghoulish deer at Woodlawn Cemetery located in Forest Park Illinois. This is the Cemetery where you can find the infamous Showmen’s Rest Memorial, erected for the disaster Circus Train Wreck in 1918. Illinois Haunted Houses has this to say: “Showmen’s Rest is a section of Woodlawn Cemetery that contains the remains from […]

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History’s Mysteries.

I draft so many of these things. Sometimes even more than one a day. I look at people. Doing what they’re doing. It makes me tired. Makes me sad? Definitely lonely. Because even though I’m never not doing something I want to be doing, I’m never doing something else either. It’s backwards and incorrigible. Lately […]

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A Fortuitous Breeze

I had a hankerin’. Somebody in a Facebook group I’m in posted an enhanced photograph of a lovely robust woman that they had purchased at a thrift store. She had a very recognizable face. She was Belle Gunness. I was insanely jealous, but I digress. In that comment thread I found a podcast about her […]

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I had a fun day.

I went to Janesville today to see a man about a horse. Okay not really. I went to see an old friend and acquire an art. You can see some more of his art for yourself HERE. While there, he showed me to a wonderful treasure trove called Carousel Consignments. I… was in awe. SO […]

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Bleed ’em.

THIS FRIDAY for my BIRTHDAY (hint, hint) I’m going to be going on an architectural tour in Chicago… this is exciting BECAUSE… The tour begins The Congress Hotel, which was a building I had been plotting to try to sneak into and gawk around since the last two times I was in the White City. […]

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Holy Hill

Hear ye. Hear ye! This specific entry is a work in progress. Thank you. I’m torn as to whether to post the photos here or on Facebook. For those of you that choose to make the excruciating choice to click on the links I post and *shudder* LEAVE FACEBOOK FOR A FEW MINUTES to come […]

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