Holy Hill

Hear ye. Hear ye!

This specific entry is a work in progress. Thank you.

I’m torn as to whether to post the photos here or on Facebook. For those of you that choose to make the excruciating choice to click on the links I post and *shudder* LEAVE FACEBOOK FOR A FEW MINUTES to come all the way over here, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for that.

For every “Good luck with that but I won’t support you” that I received upon revealing that I’m starting a Patreon for “exclusive content”, that was another nail in the Facebook coffin for me. But I’ll still always be over here. Pinkie promise.

Now for your slightly exclusive yet free content 😜.

This girl was having a legit tweak-out in the car behind me, but I was trying to take her picture in the rear-view mirror and when I got off, she mugged me and waved. It was beautiful.
The view from a mile or two away.

Boy, I didn’t realize this post had uploaded yesterday after I abandoned it… heh heh… what a cluster, eh?

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