I had a fun day.

I went to Janesville today to see a man about a horse.

Okay not really. I went to see an old friend and acquire an art. You can see some more of his art for yourself HERE.

This one. A self portrait of said friend.
This is his cat, Ollie (Olly?).

While there, he showed me to a wonderful treasure trove called Carousel Consignments. I… was in awe. SO many trinkets, so much glassware, old toys… BOOKS!

Like this amazing DIY Taxidermy book from 1947.
This cracked me up.
Who remembers Shirt Tales?!

My haul though (plus of course the taxidermy book), I’m still so yip-dip-dippity excited about it:

The Ouija board is from 1972 and only the second one I own… the first one I ever had was from 1992 and I bought from an antique store last week in Burlington.

The plate is from The Order Of The Eastern Star, and without going into too much long-winded detail, it is basically a Masonic organization where they let the girls play too. I’d seen these before, but never bought one because they’re usually terribly expensive. This one was two dollars.

Then there’s the Ram, (the rammy rammy ram!) and I of course made him beautiful with that beaded whatzit. He’s a ShowRam now.

Did you notice that image to the right that looks like a copper tintype? It’s fantastic. I can’t wait to find the right frame for it.

This poor (and not unreasonably priced) skin horse in the basement has my heart.

When I was little, The Velveteen Rabbit was one of my very favorite stories.

I will probably buy him with my tax return.
OPE! Just gonna sneak a lil’ photo of ya quick…

And Shane picked this especially for me. It’s perfect.

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