Woodlawn Cemetery

I discovered this ghoulish deer at Woodlawn Cemetery located in Forest Park Illinois.

This is the Cemetery where you can find the infamous Showmen’s Rest Memorial, erected for the disaster Circus Train Wreck in 1918.

Illinois Haunted Houses has this to say:

“Showmen’s Rest is a section of Woodlawn Cemetery that contains the remains from a 1918 circus-train wreck in a mass grave. Between 60 and 110 employees were killed when another train conductor fell asleep, causing the train to hit the circus-train. Since many of the victims’ names were not known, a lot of the markers say things like “unidentified male,” or “Baldy,” or “4 Horse Driver.” The section is still used today for burials of circus showmen and locals have reported hearing the sounds of phantom elephants at night.


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