Another story about books.

A week or so ago I made a new acquaintance via Instagram. It was @badgerlandlegends, a fellow odd history nut like myself. They had shared an article about The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine and we got to talking.

…about books, naturally. Wisconsin Lore was suggested to me, so I promptly put it in my cart on Amazon because I had actually been recommended that book before and just never got around to grabbing it yet.

I thanked them and offered to send them my ill-gotten copy of Wisconsin Death Trip, so that was a done deal.


When asked if they could reimburse me for shipping, I simply replied

“No, but you can send me a book though. Isn’t that what us weird history people do? Send books to each other?”

A friend of mine from @cultofweird sent me a book this past December, just to be nice.

I think that should just be a thing. But anyway…

Today was the book day. I was pumped about this new atlas I’d ordered, but as it were I received my book from @badgerlandlegends AS WELL AS Wisconsin Lore…

Notice who it’s addressed to?🙃

The kicker here is that I traded one library copy in my collection for another one, apparently…

Thanks for the Wisconsin book, Wheaton…

Just amused. And under the weather.

Don’t judge me because I’m simple…😅

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